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Stories From Our Community: Chrisologue

September 30, 2012


 Chrisologue’s story illustrates the power of increased income. He was one of the first to lease land to us. Previously, he hired local labor and rarely saw a profit. The power of choice—used to help his family and then his community.

Letter from PROCOM'S Director

September 26, 2012

Thank you all for your interest in PROCOM’s progress. Over the next few weeks you will receive several stories documenting our impact on families, but first, understanding how we work will help you to make more sense of the stories.

Clean Water

April 20, 2012

 In Rwanda alone, one of the smallest countries in Africa, there are at least dozens of organizations working to improve access to water for the population. The numbers for the rest of the continent have to be mind-boggling. So why does it seem so slow-going? Why does it seem like there are still so many people without access to clean water when people are working hard, drilling wells, and investing a lot of money and effort?

Wisdom from water: Being a global neighbor in East Africa.

August 03, 2011

If you have been following our posts, you have at least gained a certain level of awareness of the food crisis in the horn of Africa. Awareness is important. It is the first step in order to make any sort of improvements, and therefore it’s important to be aware that the food crisis continues; it has not yet been remedied.

It's not easy being an NGO.

July 21, 2011

There are organizations all over the world working to do good things for people in need when governments of the world do not have the capacity, the drive, the resources, or the know-how to do so on their own.   Every organization has its own angle. Some work to offer better healthcare, school fees and uniforms, business opportunities, more sustainable agriculture, money for food, access to water, etc.

A Visit with Families in Rwimiyaga.

July 04, 2011

                In September of last year Dwight Jackson, executive director of PROCOM Rwanda, took a group of students from the GOED study abroad program to one of the poorest areas in Rwanda- a place called Rwimiyaga- as part of his class in community development.  Many of the students recall their first trip to Rwimiyaga as being one of the hardest weeks of their lives.  They really had no idea

American students in Rwimiyaga

September 26, 2010

Twice each year I teach a class of American undergraduates on the social context of development. Since the class is taught in Rwanda I assign them a week of field research developing family profiles so that they can learn more specifically the challenges of vulnerable families. We then use the profiles to design programs and raise funds. If you click on the sponsor a family button you will read their stories.